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Small Items
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Some of My Quilt Labels and Small Projects


This is the label that I made for the dolphin quilt.

Under Ground Railroad


Part 2 of 2. These quilts are made with the same blocks, the arrangment of the blocks are different. The colours are basically the same.


This is one of the first classes in quilting that I took. I hope that you like my quilted star as much as I do.


Not all of my crafting is confined to quilting. This swag was a craft class that I enjoyed taking.


This is a label that was made for a mini-heart quilt Christmas present.

Jacob' Ladder


This is part 1 of 2. This is a pattern that I downloaded from the "Connecting Threads" website.


Summer Challenge
Before our quilt group broke for the summer, we were given a half meter of fabric. We then drew names out of the hat. Our challenge was to produce a quilt no larger then 24 inches square. I tried to include some of the techniques that we had learned during the year into my piece.


Take a look at these cute  stuffed toys. The teddy was a pre-printed pattern, while the rabbit was adopted from a book.


Here is my very own paper ribbon angel. She hangs in my dining room, looking out for me.

Purse Accessory Set


This is a set made as a gift. A nice soft glasses case.

Mini Log Cabin Heart Quilt


The strips in these log cabin blocks are only 3/4 of an inch wide. This was certainly as much of a challange as fun to make.

Blue Jay Pillow


This a a paper pieced pattern for "A Quilter's Ark" by Margaret Rolfe. The pattern has been enlarged x250.


Foundation Strip pieced Christmas Stockings.
These were made as a gift to my daughter and her children.